User Guide for AnyRecover LineRescue

There are multiple recovery modes that can bring back your lost LINE data with or without backup.

Mode 1: Recover from Device Storage

Step 1Connect Device to Computer

Select Recover LINE Data from Device Storage on the main screen. Then connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable and click Start.

connect device to computer

Step 2 Scan and Recover LINE Data

The scanning process differs between Android and iOS system.

Click Start to begin the data scan. When the scan is complete, browse for data that can be recovered. Select Recover to Device or Recover to PC. .

preview and select where to save restored data iPhone

If you choose “Recover to PC”, please select the format and location to store your data. If you choose “Recover to Device”, please ensure that you are logged into the same LINE account and wait for the recovery to be successful.

login to the same account LineRescue

After your phone is recognized by LineRescue, you have to select methods of recovery. The Shallow Recovery is faster. It will scan your photos, audios and files to PC. And the Deep Recovery will scan chats, photos, videos, audios, contacts and files and then recover them to PC or to your devices.

choose recovery mode

If you choose Shallow Recovery:

After scanning the data, you can see the photos, files, etc. that you can recover and click on Recover to PC. You can choose where to save them here.

shallow recovery preview and recover to PC

If you choose Deep Recovery:

After setting up your phone and backing up your data to Google Drive as instructed in the product interface, an older version of LINE will be automatically installed on your Android device (don't worry, this step will not affect your existing LINE data).

download an older version of LINE on your device

Then back up your LINE data on your device to your phone's local storage. You can set the password to encrypt the backup, wait for LineRescue to retrieve your LINE data and enter the same backup password there.

make a local backup of LINE data

To successfully transfer all LINE data, LineRescue will automatically download the iTransor Assistant application. Once the installation is complete, please follow the prompts to Settings > Applications > iTransor Assistant to enable access to your storage device and then click Done on the PC.

install and give permission to iTransor Assistant

The latest version of LINE will then be reinstalled for you and you will have to wait for the installation to complete before logging into the same account on LINE on your device.

install latest version of LINE on your device

You can preview the data by type and select the data you want by choosing Recover to Device or Recover to PC.

preview and select where to save restored data

Wait for the recovery process to be completed.

recover to Android successfully

Mode 2: Recover from Google Drive Backup

Step 1Login to Google Drive and LINE Account

Launch AnyRecover LineRescue and select Recover LINE data from Google Drive. Sign in to your Google Drive account.

login to Google account

In order to successfully access LINE data in your Google Drive, your account authorization is required. So, please disable the two-step verification of your account.

Next, log in to your LINE account. Open the LINE app on your phone and choose to scan the QR code or enter your LINE account manually.

sign in to LINE account on computer

Enter the authorization code in LineRescue on your mobile phone.

enter authorization code

Once your account has been authorized, LINE data will be automatically downloaded from your Google Drive to your computer. How long this process takes depends on the size of the data and the speed of the network.

download LINE data from Google Drive

Step 2Preview and Recover LINE Data

Connect the Android device you have just authorized to LINE to your computer using the cable and click Next. Then wait for LineRescue to analyze the data.

connect Android device to computer

You can preview all the recoverable data and then select the LINE data you need and recover it to your device or computer.

preview LINE data in Google Drive

If you choose Recover to PC:

Click the Recover to PC button, select the file format and location you want to save, then click OK to export your LINE data from your Google Drive backup to your computer.

recover Google Drive backup to PC

If you choose Recover to Device:

Click the Recover to Device button to connect to the target device you want to recover LINE data to on your iPhone or Android and then click Start. LineRescue will automatically restore LINE backup data from Google Drive to your phone.

recover Google Drive backup to device

If the target device for recovery is Android, you will need to follow the instructions to install an older version of LINE.

Mode 3: Recover from iTunes Backup

Step 1 Load and Analyze Data

When you enter the Recover LINE Data from iTunes, the program will scan and load your iTunes backup data. You can see the information of every backup. Choose a backup and click Next to analyze the backup file. LineRescue will analyze the backup you choose. When it's done, you can preview the data.

load and analyze iTunes backup

Step 1 Preview and Recover Data

If you choose Recover to PC:

Click Recover to PC directly and choose the format and location to save LINE backup file.

preview and recover iTunes backup

If you choose Recover to Device:

For iOS: Once you have successfully connected, click Start, the restoration will then begin.

connect iPhone to recover iTunes backup

Once the progress bar has finished, you will see the following screen, indicating that you have successfully restored the LINE data from your iTunes backup to your iPhone.

recover iTunes backup to iPhone successfully

For Android: Once you have connected your Android device, click Start to automatically download and install the old version of LINE. Your phone will be restarted then. Don’t worry, this won’t affect your data.

connect and prepare Android device

Enter the password of your backup encryption on your Android device and tap Restore My Data, enter the same password on your computer then and click Done.

recover iTunes LINE data to Android device

Wait for LineRescue to install the latest version of LINE, then log in to the same LINE account to restore your LINE data backed up in iTunes to your Android phone.

sign in to the same account on Android an PC

Mode 4: Recover from History Records

Step 1Load and Select Backup Database

The program automatically loads the history record. Select the one you want to recover and click Next to proceed.

select data to restore

Step 2Preview LINE Data

You can preview your backup files, then select the LINE data you want to restore and click Recover to Device or Recover to PC.

preview and choose data

Step 2Recover LINE Data

If you choose Recover to PC:

Select the file format and path you want to save the restored data, then click OK.

If you choose Recover to Device:

Once you have selected the backup file, follow the on-screen instructions to connect the device to your PC and click Start.

connect device

Log in with the same LINE account on the device from which you want to restore LINE and click on Done. Recovery will start automatically.

log in to the same account

Once you have logged into LINE on an eligible device, all LINE data on that device will be erased.
To recover LINE data to Android devices, you will need to install an older version of LINE. Just follow the on-screen instruction. This won’t affect any existing data.